How To Tell The Difference Between Swarmers And Flying Ants

Swarmers are tiny, wingless insects that live in colonies and have a queen. Flying ants have wings and can fly long distances. If you spot swarmers, you will typically see them all around the same area. However, if you spot flying ants then these are looking for food and they may be coming from far away.

What Are The Different Ways For Ants To Move?

Flying ants are able to fly by using their wings to generate lift and propel themselves forward. Swarmers, on the other hand, are not able to fly and must rely on their large numbers to move around. Especially in summer, it seems like they are everywhere in your house. Sometimes it is like it is their house and you are just living in it. This is why it is important to control ants in your house before they infest it completely.

What Are Swarmers Called And How Does It Affect The Human Body?

Swarmers are insects that live in colonies. They are known as swarmers because of the way they move and interact as a group. Flying ants are also insects, but they don’t live in colonies. Flying ants are smaller than swarmers and have wings. 

Swarmers typically move in large groups. This can be dangerous to humans because it makes them difficult to target with pesticides or other forms of insect control. The large groups of swarmers can also damage crops or buildings. Flying ants don’t move in large groups, and they don’t cause damage to crops or buildings. 

The effects of swarmers on the human body can vary depending on the type of swarmer. Some swarmers, such as honey bees, are harmless to humans. Others, such as hornets, can be dangerous because they sting people.

How Do You Know If These Two Insects Are Ants Or Something Else?

There are a few key differences between these two insects that can help you determine their identity. For starters, ants are smaller and more densely-packed than flying ants. Flying ants also have wings, whereas swarmers don’t. Additionally, ants are reddish brown or black in color, while swarmers are typically yellow or light brown. If you’re not sure which insect you’re dealing with, it’s best to contact an expert!


It can be difficult to tell the difference between swarmers and flying ants, especially if you’re not familiar with either type of insect. Swarmers are insects that live in colonies and often build nests. Flying ants are solitary insects that live outdoors. Look for these key differences:

Swarmers tend to be larger than flying ants and their wings are longer and more complex. Flying ants have wings that are shorter, narrower, and simpler in design.

Swarmers also have stingers on their rear legs, while flying ants do not. We even do professional pest control to ensure that you face no problems.