Looking For Insect Light Trap? Here Are 7 Things To Consider

Finding a wasp in your garden can be the worst thing that happened to you. We all know how painful the bite of a wasp is. However, it doesn’t justify your homestay. So what are you going to do now? There comes the insect light trap as one of the most effective ways for insect control.

Moreover, the insect light traps can efficiently work against any insects. Naturally, the insects have an in-build affinity towards the light. The heat emerging from the light trap is the sole reason for this activity. Therefore when you put on an insect light trap in your desired area, the light provides warmth for the insects, thus, attracting them towards the light.

However, the light traps provide heat that the insects cannot tolerate. Hence, they end up burning themselves. So, it will not just remove insects but also says no to harsh chemicals and pesticides.

7 Things To Consider While Choosing An Insect Light Trap

  • UV Coating Of The Insect Light Trap

Based on your requirements, the UV coating of a light trap differs. There are several UV light traps for both the short term and long term. So if you are putting them for your restaurants or any business purpose, it is better to get a long-termed one. Even though over the years of use, the UV coating fades out. So check your UV coating during the spring as it is the peak time of larvae.

However, if you’re looking for residential use, then get the annual one. With regular maintenance, you will be able to increase the shelf-life and not forget its budget-friendly.

  • Insect Light Trap Efficiency

The working mechanism behind the insect light trap is warmth. So try to get the high-efficiency light trap. Furthermore, a high-efficiency trap can eliminate threats of other harmful pests.

  • Types Of Insects You Want To Eliminate

It is best if you get your trap based upon the heat tolerance and causal insect. Therefore, if the causal insect is from higher heat tolerance, you can use adhesives to cage the insects. It is a frequently used trick for pest control in agriculture fields. Similarly, there are various types of light traps; flying traps, malaise traps, and bottle traps.

  • Heat Tolerance Of Insects

Even before buying the trap, research your concerned insect about the habits, heat sensitivity. It can control the electricity and shelf-life of the gadget. For example, low light ranges attract beetles. Similarly, different insects have different tolerance.

  • UV Light Maintenance

Over the years of uses, the UV coating of the light trap gets thinner. Furthermore, based on the geographical region, the UV efficiency differs. Hence, don’t forget to change the light every year for the best results.

  • Concerned Area Of Insect

It is mostly for residential pest control to check where the insect occurrence is more. If you are putting traps in the dining room, try to use a covered UV light, unless you want them on your plate.

  • Safety Precautions

To get the best out of the light trap, you need to use it cautiously. So if you install outside or under direct sun exposure, try to avoid the rain. Otherwise, it will decrease the shelf-life of the light trap.

These are the top 7 things you need to keep in mind while choosing your insect light trap. However, if you are looking for a specialized insect light trap, seek guidance from professional Pest Control Yarralumla.